Something very special to me…

Do you ever write something that wreaks havoc to the heart. But then when you’ve gotten a page in or five with the writing, something happens. It’s a donning of realization that what lays before you has become something that is now a part of you. In every aspect, the characters, the rooms, the environment, not only stemmed from your fingers but is breathing in your soul. You feel a patter of feet within and you know the characters are investigating you as much as you’re creating who they are. This is mine. This has a compiled collection of papers beyond papers all detailing various interpretations of the characters that make up this story. This is Chapter One, about a fifth of the first chapter. It’s also been being worked on by me for the last nine years. I hope you like.*note ‘I will not be sharing the name of the story’but merely a piece of it.

What will be a Fruitless Journey

Chapter I

Michael had just pulled up his long driveway with his rusty bucket of a jeep, lugging and heavily chugging while he hit the steepest point of the drive before he decided to floor it to get over the dirt build up. He narrowly missed ramming into the corner of his double wide while quickly flicking the wheel and slamming on the brake. He heaved a slip of air from his lungs before he groaned to himself after seeing his brother Joel; a mess of a man holding a burlap lump at his chest and waving at him as though it was time for celebration. Michael whispered “What is it this time?” as he gritted his teeth and unlocked his car door. He grabbed hold the wheel, tightly, and counted to ten before opening the door and breathing in the familiar air.

Joel had agonizingly endured the two hour drive in mid-fall, up a mountain trek in a car with two recently smashed out windows. He was still twiddling his fingers, sure he was dealing with hypothermia and not the blood warming to its core temperature. He’d finally achieved his goals, finally sat atop that hill he’d been reaching for the last five years. The mound in his hands hummed and gave an odd ‘vvrreerrr’ sound before he heard Michaels car door screech open. WIthout thinking he hollered to Michael “Hey little bro, long time no see!” The birds above them squaked angrily at Joel’s shining head and flew off into the darkness of the coming night. Michael watched them disappear behind the trees while avoiding his brother’s question and being. Joel couldn’t tell, nor would he have cared to notice. Joel was, well, all about Joel and Michael found that he’d come to hate his big brother. Thought him to be a pompous ass that was holier than any of us and overall downright annoying. Simple as that. 

Joel didn’t care, he didn’t notice Michael scoffing and rolling of his eyes till he became dizzy with a piercing headache. He didn’t catch the brother hesitate like frozen molasses, he didn’t hear the shallow groan as he walked up the wooden steps while Joel’s incessant voice kept yammering about nothing. He couldn’t talk in layman terms, he thought it brought him below his depth and found he was sour for having to talk that way at any time and chose to talk circles around everyone. Michael happened to be the only one but Joel’s wife but that was another matter.

Michael opened the door with apprehension, halfway between deciding to turn on his heel and push his brother back to the car, Joel barged by him and walked to what Michael deemed Joel’s chair. It had acquired a thin layer of dust and soot that plumed out from his skinny ass bones when he plopped down. Michael opened the fridge to grab a sports drink when Joel reached at him squeezing his empty hand  in front of his face for what Michael had assumed would be a beer. He handed him a bottle of mustard smiling smugly and grabbed a protein milk for himself before closing the fridge door aggressively enough, Joel put his hands down on top of the mottled rags that covered the humming thing within. 

Joel started “you hear the winter’s gonna be hard this time around? Apparently we’ll even be dealing with a larger number of wolves even. Djdyou know that?” Michael nodded and pointed out the window “That’s why that’s outside J.” He kept steely eyes to the trees and smiled meekly before asking his big brother the question. “What’re you doing here man? You didn’y drop me a line letting me know you’d be stopping by, fuck, Joel you hadn’t been around since…since, what your last anniversary? So again what is it you are doing here?” Michael clenched his teeth tightly, he was hearing the grinding tooth on tooth before Joe started to speak. “You know.” He peevishly shrugged with a small smile and started shaking his head and looking down at his dirty clothed mound. Michael, breathing in a slip of air again, sighed, “Know what asshat? Know that you’re a skeeze, know that you’re a coward, do I know that you haven’t been here since the last time we celebrated your son’s life? Yeah I know all of it. I’ll repeat “WHY ARE YOU HERE?’’ He aggressively opened a kitchen drawer to pull out a tablespoon, then proceeded to wait for an answer from the daft fool sitting. While he made a pot of coffee and used the tablespoon to measure the creamer for the cup of joe that began percolating, Joel started to mutter something incoherently and far too quiet to be heard over the sounds emitting from the coffee pot. “What?” Michael asked with a clenched jaw. He slammed his mug down and quickly moved closer to Joel, hoping his brother would get his words out and get out before he’d do something questionably violent. 

“I did it. I finished the box Mikey!” Joels eyes were glinting with an exuberant excitement that Michael hadn’t seen in eons but his feelings regardless, pushed the excitement deeply beneath any breakable surface and groaned. “And that’s why you’re here? You could’ve just left me a message.” He shook his head aggressively enough Joel could hear the ends of his long hair whipping at his cheeks and ears. Michael moved back to the now full and steaming pot of coffee and poured the dark velvet liquid into a gray, fog-like colored mug. He poured slowly while thinking of Joel and why he was really here. And then thought of the girls, Celeste alone was a fragile one and Zappy didn’t fall far from her mothers reach. Both were highly anxious beings that due to past circumstances were brittle paper mache molds of their previous selves. Even zappy at her young age, had shown the dire effect of what losing her brother did. Michael knew the family was in shambles, knew his brother was white-knuckling it with a smile but couldn’t forgive his brother for what was under the mottled rags. “What about the girls? Does Celeste know what it is or are you still bullshitting her?” He rolled his eyes and brought the coffee to his lips and sipped in a blazing flow of scalding coffee, trying to keep composure Michael winced and swallowed, leaving his mouth bubbling in pain for a few moments. He didn’t talk, he kept his composure and pointed at the humming mound and signaled Joel to grab it and hand it over. Joel, apprehensive to any move of Michaels, picked it up and held it tight before bringing it to the counter beside the mug Joel just sipped from and pulled the rags away from it.

It was a box, metal and gleaming, coated by some immaculate polymetal, and it hummed. Hungrily it vibrated that very hum as its vibrating resonated from the counters and cabinets of the kitchen. Michaels eyes went wide and he scowled at the gleaming thing. He hated it, he loathed the idea of what the box was, and loathed the man who didn’t take heed of his actions.

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